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One Lad's Freshers Week Night...

City All | in Lad Pad | by Guest Blogger | on September 27, 2014

Tags: antics, freshers week, lad pad, on the pull, snapchat

This student went on a major pulling session in Nottingham Freshers Week... and got it all caught on Snapchat!
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City Manchester | in Event Preview | by Baraft | on April 28, 2014

Tags: manchester, manchester academy, panther, special, students

This year has flown by! So as the end of year parties near, we decided to preview what's tipped to be one of the biggest nights in Manchester this summer! 
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Why Sunday Makes Sense...

City Manchester | in Event Preview | by Baraft | on February 25, 2014

Tags: dr pepper, manchester, monday hangover, secret sundays, students

Sunday so far is an overlooked night on the Manchester nightlife scene as revellers across the city don't get the choices that they do on other nights... That's soon to change though as Secret Sundays launches this Sunday at Sakura! Check out what's soon to be Manchester's worst kept secret and why going out on a Sunday totally makes sense!
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Free Haus!

City Liverpool | in Event Preview | by Baraft | on February 7, 2014

Tags: electronic music, free, haus, launch, liverpool, new

Free Haus is a concept that every city needs. It's an opportunity... no a gift, where you can enjoy incredible talent for free! This is what you can expect at the next instalment! 
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Leeds' Medication Epidemic!

City Leeds | in Baraft's Top 5... | by Baraft | on February 4, 2014

Tags: control, leeds, medication, new night, student, wednesday

Liverpool's huge Wednesday student night, Medication, is launching in Leeds! We don't expect you to need much of a push to give #MEDNESDAYS a try, but we thought we'd put together 5 reasons why you should be there for the launch this Wednesday just for good measure, so here we go...

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