Terms & Conditions

Rules not made to be broken...

We want to make sure you have the best time possible at the venue or venues with your Baraft deals… but there are some rules that we both need to follow… that's right, everyone… so here are our terms and conditions:

The Baraft Essentials

Here are the basics you need to know…

  • Make sure you have your ticket – When you’ve purchased your deal, set the names of the tickets to yourself and the friends you are going with. Then make sure you either print a copy of them or make them easily available on your smart-phone when you go to the venue.
  • We make sure you get the best deal – We do regular price checks with the venues that we work with to make sure that all Baraft deals are great deals and you’re not overcharged!
  • Decide by 5 – If you purchase a Baraft deal for a venue or event, but later decide you can’t make it, just let us know by emailing support@baraft.com before 17:00 GMT on the day of the event and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!
  • Stick to the rules – Make sure you stick to the venue entry conditions and terms and conditions laid out in the deal. For most places this will be to make sure you observe the dress code, don’t turn up over-intoxicated and be sure to have Valid ID in case you get asked!
  • Easily contactable – Any more information you need about your deal or any questions you’ve got then just email us at support@baraft.com and we will get back to you!

  1. Introduction

  2. Definitions

  3. Registering with Baraft

  4. Using the Baraft.com Website and Apps (if applicable)

  5. Purchase of Deals

  6. Cancellations and Refunds

  7. Redemptions Procedures

  8. Redemptions Problems or Issues

  9. Responsibilities

  10. Restrictions

  11. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

  12. Links to External Websites

  13. Intellectual Property

  14. Your Obligations Summarized

  15. Right to change T&C

1. Introduction

1.1. The Baraft website and any official applications are wholly owned and operated by Baraft LTD., a registered company in England and Wales (Company Number: 08161593).

1.2. Any further queries regarding Baraft’s terms and conditions can be directed to support@baraft.com.

1.3. All information communicated by Baraft’s official channels (email, push notification and social media) is subject to these terms and conditions, as well as all information that is featured on the website, Baraft.com, or related apps and services, including any advertisement that may be delivered on our behalf by a third party advertising body.

1.4. The service provided by Baraft aims to ensure that you have the best nightlife possible and, with this notion in mind, these terms and conditions aim to be protective to you the consumer, rather than restrictive.

1.5. Baraft’s service aims to be for the purpose of better arranging your nights out, enabling you to discover new nightlife and providing the best deals for these nights. We in no way see the service as an encouragement to drink alcohol on a night out and advise people to drink responsibly and be aware of the guidance provided by government schemes and campaigns such as Drink Aware.

1.6. These terms and conditions were published in November 2012; for reference please refer to them as ‘Baraft Terms and Conditions (Version 1)’.

1.7. Please note that Baraft fully comply with UK statutory rights and nothing in these terms and conditions impact your non-excludable statutory rights.

2. Definitions

2.1. The terms, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Ourselves’, and ‘Baraft’ refer to Baraft LTD.

2.2. The terms ‘establishment’, ‘venue’, ‘host venue’, ‘host’, ‘bar’, ‘club’ or the specific name of the venue, all relate to the establishment or establishments with which Baraft have partnered with to offer the deal in question.

2.3. ‘You’ and ‘Your’ refers to the visitor of this website (www.baraft.com) or related apps and services, the purchaser of Baraft deals and the user of any other functionalities of this site. Due to this, in these terms and conditions, you may also be addressed as ‘User’, ‘Visitor’ and ‘Purchaser’.

2.4. ‘Fault’ refers to the adverse event, action or scenario that occurs because of the actions (or lack of action) of the person(s) in question.

2.5. ‘Material Circumstances’ means a serious change to your personal circumstances that could not be foreseen which impacted anything to do with the redemption of a Baraft deal.

2.6. ‘Purchase’ means the acquisition of a voucher or deal.

2.7. ‘Redeem’, ‘Redemption’ or ‘Redeemed’ refers to the method or point in time at which a voucher purchased through Baraft is exchanged for the products or services promised by the specific voucher that has been purchased, at the applicable venue.

2.8. ‘Voucher’ or ‘Deal’ means a ticket subject to these terms and conditions, which, if purchased by you, entitles you (and only you) to redeem it at a particular venue in exchange for products offered by vouchers/deals of that venue. This can be in a paper or electronic format.

2.9. ‘Host’ or ‘Host name’ refers to the name of the individual whom is purchasing the Baraft deal for themselves or multiple vouchers for themselves and others. This host name is the name of the individual that the Baraft account is registered to.

3. Registering with Baraft

3.1. Depending upon the particular functions of the website at any time, you may or may not need to register to use some of the functions of the website or to access much of the service. However you must register according to sections 3.1.1 or 3.1.2 in order to make a purchase and/or to make use of the social integration functionality. Registration, using either method, can be done here.

3.1.1. Registering via Email Address: To register with Baraft via email you must provide us with your name, email address and you may or may not be asked to provide other personal details. Personal information will be kept safe, secure and only used for the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy, which can be found below in section 11. We reserve the right to decline a new registration and/or cancel an account at any time.

Register by Email.png

3.1.2. Login with Facebook: By choosing to login with Facebook and any interaction you have with Baraft thereafter, you agree to the Facebook specific terms set out in section and and and We will store and process personal details from your Facebook account such, but not limited to, your Name, Email Address and pages you have liked in order to make the registration process simpler when joining Baraft. You will be made aware, during the sign up process of the specific data fields we have requested access to. We will not post on your Facebook timeline directly without your permission, but you will have the option to if you so wish. Thus you can be as private or as socially integrated as you choose to be. By choosing to register to Baraft via the login with Facebook option as outlined in sections 3.1.2 and you hereby grant us permission to utilise any information we receive via the data fields you have granted us access to. You can disconnect your Facebook account at any time, but you need to use one of the two methods to experience all of the available functionality and purchase deals. You are unable to select specific data fields that logging in with Facebook will enable us access to; while you will be made aware of all the fields and information we have access to when first logging in you cannot ‘deselect’ specific fields. Therefore we suggest that if there are certain fields within these that you do not wish us access to then standard Baraft registration may be your preferred option.

Login with Facebook.png

3.2. You must act in the utmost good faith to provide us with information that is true and accurate and it is your ongoing obligation to disclose and update any changes to this information.

4. Using the Baraft.com website and Baraft apps (if applicable)

4.1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you state that you shall use the Baraft service appropriately in all interactions with it and when purchasing deals. This includes all aspects of the site including, but not limited to, the payment process.

4.2. By using the Baraft service through interaction, purchases or otherwise (both registered and unregistered users) you hereby state that you are aged 18 or over. Any evidence put forward that suggests otherwise may result in a closure of your account and will void any outstanding or previous deals without refund.

4.3. The use of the Baraft website and all related applications are intended for personal use only. No element of the website, application or purchases can be utilised for business or commercial use; this includes, but is not limited to, the resale of Baraft deals.

4.4. Further, more detailed, terms and conditions regarding the use of the Baraft website and related services (including apps) can be found in section 14 of these terms and conditions where your obligations are summarised. This includes those of a more technical nature, which would also need to be adhered to.

5. Purchase of Deals

5.1. The price of each deal will be as quoted on our website, Baraft.com, or related apps and services at that time. The price of each deal is determined through collaboration between Baraft and the venue, which includes VAT and any other related costs. The venue and/or ourselves have the right to change the price of the deal at any time; however changes will not affect orders that have already been placed.

5.1.1. The price of each transaction will be displayed in Great British Pounds (GBP; £), and this is the currency that the transaction will be processed in. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to process transactions in other currencies.

5.1.2. If you are purchasing using a foreign (non-UK) debit or credit card, you may be charged an additional fee from your bank or card operator. These fees are not included in the face value of Baraft deals and Baraft (or the respective venue) is not responsible for the covering of such costs.

5.2. In the event of the over allocation of tickets we reserve the right to cancel and void tickets. Cases will be investigated on an individual basis, which may or may not result in a full refund.

5.3. We exclude all liability in respect of deals for which vouchers may be redeemed and in respect of the quality, safety, usability or any other aspect of the deal, you feel your experience is not satisfactory. However we do want to hear of incidents of this nature, and so please contact us through support@baraft.com.

5.4. The details of the person the deal is intended for must be correct (i.e. the name of the user). There is an option when making a purchase to input the names on behalf of those attending an event, if multiple tickets are being purchased. Alternatively they can be inputted as a guest of the host (name), but then the host must be present at the point of redemption (however the venue can carry some discretion on this, depending on the redemption method they choose to use).

5.4.1. You are able to change the names on your purchased tickets by accessing your account page and clicking the ‘Change Names’ button in the Ticket Management table. However please be aware that names can only be changed up until the time that the event was on sale until – this is usually 4 or 5 pm on the day of the event, however this is not always the case so please change ticket names as soon as you become aware of such a necessary change.

5.5. The purchase transaction is only complete once you have confirmed your acceptance of the terms and conditions, after we have taken payment and once we have emailed you confirming your transaction. We reserve the right to terminate the progress of this transaction at anytime prior to the completion per the criteria above.

5.6. In the event that there is an error in the system and duplicate tickets are produced or another negative consequence occurs, the incident will be reviewed on an individual basis. It is the user’s responsibility to register their complaint by emailing support@baraft.com within three days following the redemption date, so that their problem can be investigated and the appropriate action taken. The venue is not obligated, yet we ask them to act responsibly and rationally to try to accommodate for any error and attempt to provide the user with the experience in question, if the capacity of the venue will allow it.

5.7. Each deal purchased with Baraft is subject to the terms and conditions of Baraft, the venue, and those specified by the deal that has been purchased. The terms and conditions of the venue and any relevant deal specific terms and conditions can be found on the specific ‘Deal Page’ on the Baraft website or App, as well as on the PDF voucher which can be found in your ‘Account’ page via the website, Baraft.com, or related apps.

5.8. Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit our liability for any liability which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law in England and Wales.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

6.1. We understand that sometimes plans change, and so we want to be as accommodating as possible for those situations. Our refund policy is to ensure that anyone is entitled to a apply for a full refund so long as their request for this is logged before 17.00 GMT on the day that the voucher must be redeemed on. This can be done by emailing support@baraft.com with your subject as “request for refund” and details of your event and reason for refund included in your email. Refunds will then be considered on an individual basis and so please allow five working days for internal processing. Please note that this excludes the bank transaction processing time.

6.2. Any other request(s) for a refund or cancellation that are logged after 17.00 GMT on the day that the voucher must be redeemed, will be considered on an individual basis. Refunds will or will not be given at the discretion of Baraft LTD. These requests should also be directed to support@baraft.com.

6.2.1. Refunds will only be considered when they are due to the result of material circumstances. All refund considerations must be logged within 3 days of the expiration of the deal. Successful refund applications (logged after 17:00 GMT on the day of the event, and within 3 days of deal expiration) will result in the user being able to acquire another Baraft deal up to the same value of that refunded. This must be done by liaising with support@baraft.com and time restrictions may apply to when this can be used, which will be set forth by Baraft in our communications to you.

6.2.2. Baraft shall not be liable for any breach of our obligations where we are hindered or prevented from carrying out our obligations in full by any cause outside our reasonable control.

6.3. It is the responsibility of the user alone to check the validity of their purchased deal, and redeem it within the period of validity.

6.4. If the Baraft deal has expired without being used then no refund is possible.

6.5. The names of those people attending the event may be changed up to 17:00 GMT on the day of the event (if not specified otherwise on the specific deal terms and conditions). Changes can be made through the purchasers online account manager by clicking here.

6.6. Please note that any deal obtained from Baraft as a refund (requested after 17:00 GMT on the day of the event) and issued to a Baraft account cannot be transferred to another Baraft account or can have a refund requested upon it and there is no cash alternative available.

6.7. If you have purchased two different deals for the same venue, the same night, and they cannot be used in conjunction with each other we will offer you a full refund for the purchased deal of the lowest value. Simply contact support@baraft.com to start the refund process.

6.8. Baraft LTD. will not consider or enter into negotiations regarding a refund, credit or cancellation after three days following the event or end of redemption period. However up until this point your non-excludable statutory rights remain unaffected.

6.9. It is your responsibility to request a refund for a deal regardless of the reasons and we advise you to avoid presuming that Baraft will automatically begin refund procedures (particularly if the refund due is through fault of a Baraft partner). This can be done by emailing support@baraft.com.

7. Redemption Procedures

7.1. The personal details entered for a deal must match the personal details of the user redeeming the voucher. Please refer to section 5.4.1 in the event that attendee details must be changed.

7.2. The purchase of a deal through Barat entitles the user to entry into the specified venue subject to the merchant’s own terms and conditions in relation to their own supply of good and services. You shall ensure that when redeeming your voucher, you abide by those terms and conditions. Please refer to section 9.2 of this document for more information.

7.3. Baraft provide each partnering venue with four different redemption methods with every deal. It is then the venue’s right to decide which redemption method to use, and therefore it is your responsibility to provide the bar or club with the full PDF of the deal (whether on a mobile device, or a printed paper version) that is sent to your email address on purchase, in a reasonable and functioning condition. The purchase of a ticket signifies your agreement for the venue to use any of Baraft’s redemption options and a preferred redemption method can unfortunately not be chosen by the ticketholder.

7.4. Expiry dates are clearly shown on the website and on the PDF voucher which will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

8. Redemption Problems or Issues

8.1. It is the responsibility of the user to redeem the voucher within the assigned period of validity.

8.1.1. The voucher expires on the date specified on the voucher. No refunds or extensions of validity will be issued in the event that the user fails to redeem the voucher within the specified period of validity.

8.2. It is the user’s responsibility to present the voucher in a useable and readable format upon request when in the process of redeeming the voucher.

8.3. Baraft will exercise reasonable care in performing any obligation under this agreement and we warrant that all vouchers are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. This clause takes precedence over all other clauses in this agreement and sets forth our entire liability and your sole exclusive remedies in respect of:

8.3.1. The performance, non-performance, purported performance or delay in performance of this agreement or the service of the website or any purchase or part of it or them.

8.4. Redemption issues that are determined to be the fault of our partner can be solved in several ways. The most desirable solution being that the partner is able to offer an alternative product or service if this is an available option. However in the worst-case scenario that your voucher is unable to be redeemed in its entirety Baraft will ensure that you are offered a full refund or alternative deal to the same value. This again falls in line with our cancellations and refunds policy as well as our redemption procedures policy whereby our partner must try all other available redemption methods.

8.5. All issues regarding the redemption of a voucher must be reported to Baraft.com within three days of the date of redemption or voucher expiry date to support@baraft.com.

8.6. If any deal is only partially redeemed a refund or credit for the remaining value cannot be granted, regardless of the circumstances.

9. Responsibilities

9.1. Baraft is responsible for ensuring that each PDF deal voucher includes four redemption methods (unless one or more is requested to have been removed by the venue), which are unique to each individual or individual deal. Deals will be sent to the user’s email address submitted by the user, immediately after purchase.

9.1.1. Our liability for losses you suffer, as a result of us failing to meet the terms of our agreement, is strictly limited to the purchase price of the deal you purchased.

9.1.2. If we do not meet the level of service promised because of a human error or fault in the system you have the right to take action against us, due to a breach in our agreement. Each case will be investigated on an individual basis, and you can contact us through support@baraft.com. However for any investigation to take place, action must be taken within 3 days following the validity period of the deal in question.

9.1.3. Baraft cannot be held responsible if the venue does not meet the expectations of those who have purchased a deal (this includes but is not limited to the genre, the cleanliness or the amount of people attending the venue).

9.1.4. Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit our Liability for any Liability, which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law, such as fraud.

9.2. We want you to have a great experience when using deals purchased with us, but you do have some responsibilities:

9.2.1. Meet the entry requirements of the venue which will be outlined on our website and in the details of the specific deal. Such requirements may include, but is not limited to i) you are of Legal and required age ii) specific dress codes. Failure to meet these conditions and in the event that you are denied entry because you have failed to meet the venue’s entry requirements will not result in the possibility of a successful refund application, and so you will not be eligible for any recompense.

9.2.2. Drink responsibly, which is entirely up to the discretion of the venue’s staff and contracted staff, but you are ultimately responsible for as well as any of your actions when intoxicated.

9.2.3. Bring the relevant deal voucher with you in a reasonable and functional condition (either printed format or on a mobile device).

9.2.4. Use the purchased deal within the validity period.

9.2.5. You must not distress, harm, risk the safety or negatively impact the enjoyment of those attending or working at the venue.

9.2.6. We want you to have the best experience possible when using Baraft, and so please contact us if you have had a poor experience at one of our partner venues, at support@baraft.com.

9.3. It is the venue’s responsibility to provide the user with the product or service outlined in the deal, not the responsibility of Baraft. The responsibility of the venue includes, but is not limited to the following obligations:

9.3.1. Maintain a safe environment and control crowds so that those attending the venue are not at personal risk, or harm.

9.3.2. Provide those with a valid deal from Baraft with all the service or product outlined in the deal upon redemption.

9.3.3. In a case where a specific food, drink or other product or service specified in a deal cannot be provided by the venue, it is the venue’s responsibility to provide the user with an alternative product of similar value.

10. Restrictions

10.1. Baraft.com and all of its services, applications and features are intended for personal, non-commercial use only. This includes the resale of Baraft vouchers as well as the scraping of the Baraft website and applications. Any persons found violating this will have their accounts closed and the appropriate further action taken against them.

10.2. Some Venue’s may have two or more deals available with validity periods that overlap. In this case it is the individual venues obligation to determine whether both deals can be used in conjunction with each other. These specific terms and conditions will be included in the terms and conditions of the individual deal, which can be viewed on the website or voucher itself.

10.3. Following on from this, vouchers cannot be used in part and instead have to be fully redeemed in their entirety. If, following redemption, only part of the deal was utilised at the decision of the ticketholder (for example, if the voucher was only used for entry when it also included a drink), then the holder forfeits the remainder of the deal and no cash alternative can be offered for this either from Baraft or the venue.

11. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

11.1. Baraft will handle all of your personal details and information with the utmost integrity and security. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party partners, unless they are part of our Development Team and it is necessary to improve Baraft’s services. We will only ask you for data required to provide you with superior and personalised service. We also do not pass on your details to the venue with which you purchase deals for from Baraft.

11.2. Baraft may collect and internally process your information for the following purposes:

11.2.1. Interpret details of purchases you make and whether these are redeemed so that we can improve and personalise the service you receive.

11.2.2. Details of your experience with Baraft including but not limited to, traffic data, location data, and other communication data.

11.2.3. If you have contacted support@baraft.com because of a query we will keep a record of this.

11.3. We will only use your information for the following purposes:

11.3.1. To ensure that the content on our site is presented in a personalised and effective manner to enhance your (or any other Baraft) user experience

11.3.2. To provide you with specific information that you have specified that you would like to receive.

11.3.3. To allow you to experience all the functionality available through our services.

11.3.4. To contact you for confirmation of purchase or if you need to be notified of any relevant changes to purchases or our services.

11.3.5. To provide you with information regarding the service, which may or may not include weekly updates regarding Baraft’s service such as available deals and recommendations.

11.3.6. Some data will be retained to develop population trends, which will then be used to enhance the experience users have with Baraft and to accommodate for personal preferences.

11.4. Personal data can be gathered through either email registration or ‘Login with Facebook’.

11.4.1. Personal data gathered through Facebook will be limited to those details requested upon initially logging in with this method.

11.5. Where we have asked you to provide a password (upon registration) we ask you to keep this safe and not share it with anyone, to protect yourself from fraud.

11.6. Cookies are small text files, that allow a website to perform specific functions properly. When a website is accessed, a cookie is placed on your computer or other device to send information to the browser. Cookies are extremely common and used on the majority of popular websites.

11.6.1. By accessing and using the Baraft website on your computer, tablet or mobile device you permit Baraft or other third parties to place cookies on the device in order for the site and particular features of the site to function. Baraft does not use cookies to collect or store personal information about you and you cannot be identified by any cookies used by Baraft. The third parties which we permit to place cookies on the site include but are not limited to Facebook and Twitter for the socially integrated functionality in Baraft, and Google as part of their Google analytics service which we use in order to ensure we can continue to improve your experience on Baraft.

11.6.2. From the 26th May 2011 a new EU directive was enforced which aims to gain consent from users for cookies which websites use. We are currently working to update Baraft to support this directive.

11.7. We may disclose your Personal Data if required to do so by law or in the belief that such action is necessary i) to comply with legal obligations, ii) to protect or defend our rights, interests or property or that of third parties iii) to prevent, investigate, or identify potential misconduct related to our services iv) to protect personal safety of users of the services.

11.8. We will not keep your personal information and details for any longer than what is necessary to provide the level of service you expect, or that is outlined in these terms and conditions.

11.9. You can request the deletion of some or all of your personal data, in order to do this please email support@baraft.com stating the extent of deletion required.

12. Links to external websites

12.1. Baraft.com is not responsible for the content or operation of affiliates websites, this includes any links to external websites as well as services (including Facebook and other socially integrated platforms).

12.2. If content of an external website contradicts that of Baraft the terms and conditions of Baraft override those of the affiliate in question in relation to the purchase of a deal, however in all other circumstance any terms and conditions of an affiliate (particularly a venue) must be adhered to.

12.3. We do not guarantee, assure or give warranty that any external websites are free from viruses, malware, freeware or any other form that can have a harmful impact on the technology you use to access their website both on a standalone basis and as a link from our site.

13. Intellectual Property

13.1. All Intellectual Property rights, including all copyright, trademarks, service marks, trade names and designs, whether registered or unregistered will remain the property of Baraft Ltd (Registered company number: 08161593), up to and including the feel of the website.

13.2. You will not try to download, reproduce, sell, distribute and use any materials listed above, unless you have contractual, written authorisation to do so.

13.3. ‘Baraft’ and all variations of its logo are property of Baraft LTD. and have trademarks pending.

Baraft Logo Long Full.png

Baraft Logo Medium Full.png

Baraft Logo Secondary Full.png

14. Your obligations summarized

14.1. Realise that you are bound by three sets of terms and conditions and understand the nature of these. As well as this agreement the other conditions that you give agreement to through interaction on the Baraft website and the purchase of deals are those which are specific to our partner (Partner/Venue Terms and Conditions) as well as those specific to the deal that you purchase. Each of these latter two will be displayed on the deal page, as well as the pdf voucher that is used for redemption.

14.2. You must act in the utmost good faith in providing Baraft (and our partners) with accurate information, and to the best of your knowledge it is true. This includes, but is not limited to, the information given upon registration for your Baraft account as well as the information maintained in this account. While Baraft do not store your payment deals it is expected that these are also accurate.

14.3. Activities you are forbidden to undertake involvement in:

14.3.1. The use of the Baraft website for non-personal use; including that related to a commercial or business nature.

14.3.2. The resale of Baraft deals.

14.3.3. The use of any socially integrated features to cause annoyance, harm or offense to any individual or organisation.

14.3.4. The use of Baraft and its affiliated services and applications for any fraudulent purpose.

14.4. Activities, with a technical nature, that you are forbidden to undertake involvement in:

14.4.1. Use our website (www.baraft,com) or our related services in any way which would put our infrastructure under extreme pressures. Extreme pressures are hereby defined as any pressure that would not result from normal use of our service.

14.4.2. Engage with the Baraft website and related services in a manner which would be deemed unlawful.

14.4.3. Engage with the Baraft website and related services (including apps) in any way which would restrict any other individual from properly using the website or services in the manner that is intended.

14.4.4. Engage with the Baraft website and related services (including apps) in any way which would lead to the restriction of certain features for either yourself or other individuals.

14.4.5. Participate in any form of monitoring of our service or network, which would result in the collection of data or information that you have no right to or was not intended for you.

14.4.6. Sending malicious, unsolicited or unauthorised messages of any form (e-mail, mail etc.). This includes: The creation or forwarding of any pyramid schemes; The flooding of the service or an individual with data intensive (large) emails; regardless of their frequency or nature; The flooding of the service or an individual with an excessive number of emails, regardless of their size or nature; The sending of any messages of a commercial, promotional or advertising nature. The sending of any messages with an underlying or more obvious religious or political nature.

14.4.7. Use of the Baraft branding, logos or any parts of our website without the full permission of Baraft LTD. If you are intending to use our branding, logos or any parts of our site please visit the Press section of the website or email support@baraft.com with the nature of your enquiry. Note: The Baraft branding, logos or any part of our site cannot be used for external advertisement purposes without permission.

15. Right to change T&C

15.1. These terms and conditions were published in November 2012 and therefore apply to all purchases and interaction on www.baraft.com from then. Please refer to these terms and conditions as ‘Baraft Terms and Conditions (Version 1)’.

15.2. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Baraft, without notice, although any significant change will be publicised on our homepage (www.baraft.com). Interaction with the site, from this point, would then indicate that the user accepts the new terms and conditions.

15.3. If a user fails to use the site in a manner which is in agreement with these terms and conditions (as well as those specific to deals and venues) then that individual is at risk of account closure, having access stopped or any further action that would be deemed appropriate.