Partner with Baraft

What is Baraft? 

Baraft is a nightlife discovery website that aims to encourage users to discover unique nightlife venues, events & experiences. We work with select nightlife partners and actively advocate and recommend them to our users, and provide a platform for our users to recommend to their friends too!

Baraft achieves this by publishing & marketing purchasable incentives that reflect our partners’ unique offering.

The benefits of Baraft...


  • creates a social platform allowing users to recommend you to specific friendship groups
  • creates the pages for your venue or event so that you can suggest amends before approval
  • doesn’t benefit financially unless we make you sales
  • works hard for you!


  • decide how you would like us to incentivise our users 
  • decide the validity date & time
  • choose the allocation quantity
  • have control!

Our partners & incentives…

We work with a range of different partners including bars, clubs, promoters, comedy clubs, live music venues, casinos and unique nightlife concepts so that we can offer our users variety and encourage them to experience everything that their city has to offer.

Baraft can work with such a diverse range of nightlife partners because it is flexible to your needs, and we work with you to come up with original incentives that are tailored to you, such as: drink discounts, guest-list entry, queue-jump, VIP packages and unique added-value incentives

Baraft’s marketing… 

We currently use a range of channels to build awareness & attract a user base looking to discover new, unique nightlife.



  • Magazine Sponsorship
  • Distribute Merchandise
  • Postering / Flyers

PartnerMeet Team Baraft...

We would love the opportunity to meet you to discuss specific opportunities that will suit you! Get in touch with Chris on (+44) 07540 635 810 or email and we can send through some more information or arrange to meet to discuss ideas further.