Tickets & Redemption

1.     How do I redeem my voucher?

When you purchase a deal with Baraft, you will be prompted to set the names on your ticket. When you click through to this stage you will receive an email from our partners at World Pay to say your transaction has been completed, and your deal will download as a PDF in a new tab or window. You can either print this voucher out, or simply present it on your smart phone at the point of redemption - but it you do decide to show it on your phone, make sure you'll have enough signal to download it if necessary (it may be worth saving it down before!). Redemption occurs at the venue, often at the entrance or the bar (but this is up to the venue). 

2.      Do I have to go with the people I booked my ticket with?

When you purchase multiple tickets, Baraft will prompt you to input each guests' name so that you don't have to be together when you redeem the deal at the venue - but you will have to email them their deal! Alternatively, if you're purchasing a deal for a friend and decide not to fill in the name of the other people coming, then the person who purchased the deal must be present when the deal is redeemed.

3.     Can I reprint a ticket if I have lost mine?

Yes you can! You can reprint or reaccess tickets on your 'Account' page, here. Just scroll down to 'Ticket Management' and find the deal you want to reprint... You can also change the names on deals here too. 

4.     Do I still need ID if I have a ticket?

Yes, you still need ID - the venue might still ask you for it. 


5.     Can I get a refund if I don’t want to go out any more?

In short, yes. But look into our terms and conditions for details about our refund policy, which can be found here.

6.     I forgot I had a ticket and missed an event, can I get a refund?

Usually we are unable to refund deals due to errors on your behalf, but please refer to our full terms and conditions for more details on our refund policy, which can be found here.

7.     The bouncer wouldn’t let me in because the club was full, can I get a refund?

In these situations yes you should usually be granted a refund as long as you contact support@baraft.com, but please refer to our refund policy for further details, which can be found here

Using the site

8.     How do I change the name of my guests?

All you need to do is go to your 'Account' page, which can be found here, and scroll down to the table called 'Ticket Management'. Then you just need to search for the deal that you would like to change someone's name on and click 'Change Name'. You will be able to edit or add names to that deal and you will be notified of the updated. 

9.   How do I create groups of friends?

Creating groups and sharing your purchases with friends is a great way to get people involved but to use this function you must login with Facebook. Once you have logged in you need to go to your 'Account' page, here, and scroll down to 'Make groups with Facebook' and activate this function. Once you have done this you will be able to click the '+' for a particular group, and then either search and click 'next' to search through your Facebook friends. When you find a friend you would like to add just use the '+' symbol nextto their name, and once you are finished in the group click the 'x' to the right of the 'Group' heading. 

10.   How do I view what deals I have purchased?

All of your deals can be viewed on your 'Account' page, here. You can see all of the deals that are still live, and so still redeemable, by scrolling down to 'Ticket Management'. Or you can scroll down to 'Purchase History' to view deals that have gone past their redemption date, that were purchased in the last 30 days. 

11.   Can I buy deals 2 weeks in advance?

All the deals on Baraft that can be purchased are based on a rolling week, and so you can actually only buy deals a week in advance. It doesn’t really fit with what we are about! A week is more than enough to plan a great night out. But you can see what will be available 'next week', so you can start getting excited.  

12.   Can I use Baraft on my phone?

Baraft is seamless across all your devices; it works great on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

13.   Are my card details safe and secure with Baraft?

Baraft does not directly handle your bank details and so we cannot view or store your card details. You provide our payment partners WorldPay, one of the largest payment processors in Europe, with your card details when you make a purchase with Baraft. They make sure everything is secure, so your card details are safe and you don't have to worry.

14.   Which of my personal details do you store?

We only store details that are necessary for Baraft to function, and those that could help us improve the service. Check out our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, which can be found here, for the specifics.

About Baraft

15.   What cities do you currently have deals for?

Baraft is currently working on getting you the best nightlife deals in Manchester and Leeds. But, we are hoping that Baraft takes off so that we can provide the rest of the UK with nightlife discovery and great value for money.

16.   When will you be launching in other cities?

To be honest it all depends on whether you and our other users realise how much benefit can be gained from Baraft, and use our services. We think it's great, and can really enhance your nightlife but it’s our users that matter. We hope to expand into other northern cities in 2013 and we will see where we go from then. If you want to give your city a shout-out and see if there is any latest news on when Baraft will be coming to it, let us know on Twitter (@BaraftHQ) and Facebook.

17.   Why did you decide to start Baraft?

Baraft was born back when we were students and really loved going out, whether it was just for a few drinks with friends, to go to a gig, or to really get on it… but we found that we always ended up going back to the same places, and messing around trying to get tickets. After many trips to see mates in other cities we realised that they were in the same boat – stuck in the same old routine!

So we decided to create Baraft – a nightlife discovery service that provides people with choice, variety and value for money.

18.   What does ‘Baraft’ mean?

Baraft doesn’t really mean anything... it’s not in the dictionary… yet. To be honest the name came when we were at university ourselves. We had a friend who was a great guy, just one of the lads. But on a night out he loved a drink and there was always a story to tell. So we started calling his alter ego “Adrian Baraft” – and this has stuck with us until this day. So to most people it doesn’t really have too much meaning, it’s a bit random, quirky, and just represents some great nights we had. 

We also like the idea that everyone’s group of mates has an ‘Adrian Baraft’ and we would love to hear stories about yours! Tweet us @BaraftHQ with #AdrianBaraft.

19.   Can I meet this Adrian Baraft?

If we are a big success and you, your friends and their friends use Baraft I think we may have to have a big unveiling night! He will love it!