About Baraft

What is Baraft?

At Baraft we recommend different venues, nights & events so that you can discover what the city has to offer! It's all about new experiences and enjoying different aspects of the city's nightlife - from bars to enjoy drinks, places to watch live music, club nights and much more!  

We go a step further though and approach these places to get you, our users, added-value deals! That means anything that will enhance your night or save you some money... think drink deals, VIP packages, queue-jump tickets and reduced entry... all with no booking fees!

We only have exclusive amounts of these incentives though so make sure you sign-up to our weekly email to avoid missing out! All you need to do then is follow the simple steps...


Team Baraft

The team is pretty modest at the moment with Chris & Lee heading things up! We came up with the idea of Baraft over a drink at our campus bar, at Lancaster University... we were sat there and couldn't decide whether to go out or not so we looked online to see what was going on. After a few Google searches all we came across were loads of ticketing sites and plenty of blogs... but nowhere were we could get a real idea of what each night was like so that we'd risk trying somewhere new.

That's when we started to think about the idea of Baraft... a site which recommended different nights to try, including all the details and information you need as well as the ability to buy incentives or tickets too! It's just a simple idea that will hopefully encourage you to get more out of your nightlife - no matter what type of night you're looking for! 

What does 'Baraft' even mean?

People always ask us the question and so we thought we would share the story...

We have a good friend that we went to uni with who loved a good night out! So much so he always had a story to tell the next day. Sometimes they were just funny, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes just truly ridiculous! We eventually ended up calling his intoxicated alter ego 'Baraft' and this legendary status remained with him for years! So every morning we'd ask 'what did Baraft get up to last night?' and 'was Baraft out last night?' So we decided to immortalise Baraft based on the idea that every group has one!